Question 8: How to reduce the indoor Radon concentrations in your home?


We offer reliable technical solutions to lower the indoor Radon concentrations in your home permanently. Those are:

  • Ventilations systems
  • Sealing techniques to caulk Radon channels
  • Barrier sheeting
  • Radon sump installations


The best way to reduce the Radon levels in your home, office, facility or in dwellings, blocks and flats is our Corroventa® Radon sucker or extraction system.


This easy to handle sub-slab soil ventilation system shows the following main features: approved and reliable, long-term stability, economic energy consumption, silent-running modus and easy to operate and to maintain: A real “peace of mind”-system!



Lowering the Radon level in your homes means to protect your health and that of your family!